Women’s Flag Football Tournament Rulebook

  1. Double Elimination
  1. 67th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Oceanfront.
  1. Teams are limited to a roster of sixteen (16) players.
  2. A cut-off date for adding players to rosters will be the day of the first game.  No new players may be added after this date.
  3. Players must be at least 21 years old.
  4. All teams must have a legal roster, filled out completely. Uniform numbers are required.
  1. Uniforms are not required but uniformity is requested. Teams must have same colored shirts with numbers. Jerseys must be long enough to remain tucked in at all times or at least 4 inches above the naval. Shirts, pants, and shorts cannot have belts, belt loops, or pockets of any kind. Drawstrings must be kept inside of pants at all times.
  1. If there is a Tornado Warning, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning, or Winter Storm Warning issued for Virginia Beach on the date of scheduled games, all games may be canceled in advance for that date.
  1. Teams must provide their own practice balls, uniforms, and other equipment they deem necessary.
  2. Coaches and managers are expected to cooperate with the supervisors in every way possible.
  3. Starting time:
    • There is no grace period.
    • Forfeit time is game time.
    • Official game time is by the head referee’s watch.
    • Teams should be at game site at least 30 minutes ahead of scheduled time.
    • A game may start earlier than scheduled if both coaches agree.
  1. Field layout is approximately 60 yards long by 30 yards wide from goal to goal, with 10 yard end zones.
  2. Cones will be placed at the 15, 30 (center), and opposite 15 yard lines on each side of the field.
  3. Cones marking the goal lines and end zone areas will be of a different color.
  4. All cones used will be collapsible/safety cones.
  1. This is a NON-CONTACT league.
    • In an attempt to remove flags from the runner, incidental contact will invariably occur. However, contact to the face, neck or head should not occur.
    • Illegal vs. incidental contact is a judgment call by the officials, and is not protestable.
  2. Screen blocking is allowed. Screen blocking is defined as legally obstructing an opponent without using the body to initiate contact.
    • Similar to basketball, no moving screens are allowed – the blocker must be set for at least one second. Arms must be tucked into the body, no use of the hands or arms to grab or push the opponent.
    • running at or leaving one’s feet to dive at an offensive player, leading with or making contact primarily with the elbow, forearm, or shoulder, in attempt to knock a player down or knock a ball loose, with no attempt to grab a flag
    • playing horizontally to break up a pass by taking down the receiver
  4. A player may not do any of the following:
    • hold, push, or knock down a runner in an attempt to remove the flag
    • lower the upper body and/or spin by a runner and cause contact to the opponent
    • play through or run/drive through an opponent
  5. Penalty for tackling will be automatic first down at the point of infraction.
    • The officials have the authority to eject a player for unsportsmanlike conduct, if in the official’s judgment a player is consistently playing too aggressively or taking deliberate action to hurt a player.
  6. To prevent possible concussions and other head/neck injuries, three and four point stances are not permitted. All players (with the exception of the snapper) must be upright.
  1. Game time: Single Day Tournament Style
  2. Playing Time: 2 halves, 25 minutes each, running clock until the last two minutes of each half, which will be a regular clock. A running clock stops only for team or official time-outs.
  3. Halftime: 5 minutes.
  4. Teams: 6 players on the field. Teams may play with 5 players, but no less than 5 at any time.
  5. Teams must have 4 players on the scrimmage line at all times prior to the snap of the ball. Any player may be in motion, but only one player at a time may be in motion.
  6. Substitution: Open substitution is allowed between plays on both offense and defense.
  7. Time between each down: 45 seconds.
  8. Time outs: 2 per half, no carry-over.
  9. No kickoff (throw) to start either half. Ball will be put in play at the 15-yard line (first cone from the goal).
  10. Two completed passes across the line of scrimmage equal a first down.
  11. Teams are allowed one first down per possession, then must go for a touchdown (unless a penalty gives a team an automatic first down).
  12. Punts: “Declared kick” throw is allowed if declared on 4th down only. No rushing on a declared kick. No fake punts.
  13. Scoring:
    • A touchdown is worth 6 points.
    • The scoring team has the option to try for 1 point from the 3-yard line
    • 2 points from the 10-yard line
    • 3 points from the 15-yard line
      • Offensive team must declare their intention prior to the officials putting the ball in play. If the defense intercepts the ball and returns it for a score, it will count for the number of points the offense was attempting.
  14. 25/40 point rule: If a team is ahead by 25 or more points at any time in the second half, the clock becomes a running clock (no time outs). If a team has a 40 point lead at halftime or gains a 40 point lead at any time in the second half, the game is over and will be declared so by the official.
  15. Overtime: Each team gets one possession at the opponent’s 15-yard line, with 4 downs to score. If the game is still tied, additional overtime periods will be played until a winner can be determined.
  16. Flags and flag belts should be worn as manufactured and not altered in any way. Flags may not be tucked in under the flag belt in an attempt to prevent them from being pulled.
  17. Removing the flag: After de-flagging the runner, the flag must be held above the head for officials to see. If the runner does not have flags, or has only one flag, the game reverts to one hand touch anywhere between the shoulders and knees.
  18. Metal/jewelry/braces: Exposed metal (or any type of jewelry) on clothes and person will not be worn. Knee braces made of hard plastic or metal must be covered on both sides by a 1⁄2” closed cell, slow recovery rubber or other rubber material of similar thickness.
  19. Casts of any kind are not permitted.
  20. Team boxes: Team boxes will be located at least two yards off the sideline and extend between the 15- yard lines (first cones from the goal lines). Only players and coaches are allowed in the team box. Coaches are responsible for keeping “dead wood” out of their team boxes.
The optional male quarterback is meant to provide a more efficient offense for those teams that choose to utilize the male quarterback. It is requested that the male quarterback play with fairness and conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to the female athletes.
  1. The male quarterback may only throw the ball, running past the line of scrimmage is not allowed and will result in a penalty of 5 yards from the line of scrimmage and repeat the down. The male quarterback is allowed to run in the backfield in an attempt to evade the rusher.
  2. Once the ball is thrown, the male quarterback is then ineligible for the remainder of the play. They are not allowed to participate in any further offense including pitch-backs, nor can they become a receiver in a double quarterback situation. In the event of an interception, the male quarterback cannot engage in defense or pull any flags.
  3. The male quarterback will not participate in the game beyond the quarterback role.
  4. They may call plays, and assist verbally from the sideline when not in play.
  5. If a male quarterback is not utilized, the standard rules of play are in effect (ex; a female quarterback has the option to run the ball in a quarterback keeper, or may be eligible for further play beyond the throw).
  1. This is a recreational league for the participants to have fun and enjoy fellowship and friendly competition. Inappropriate and/or unsportsmanlike conduct by anyone towards players, coaches, officials or spectators will not be tolerated.
  2. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to maintain proper conduct among team members (players, coaches, and spectators) at all times.
  3. Any player(s) or coach(es) ejected from the game by an official for any reason must immediately leave the field area (defined as “out of sight, out of sound”). If the ejected individual(s) refuse to leave after a reasonable amount of time, the referee will inform the captain/coach that the game will be forfeited.
  4. Any player(s) or coach(es) ejected from the game by an official for any reason will automatically be suspended from the next two league games to be played by his/her team, and will not be allowed in the field area (defined as “out of sight, out of sound”) during their suspension period. No notice of this suspension shall be necessary. In the event a player or coach deviates from this ruling, it will constitute a forfeit. The player or coach will still be suspended from the next two league games to be played by his/her team.
  5. Any player(s) or coach(es) ejected from the game by an official for fighting will automatically be suspended indefinitely from the league.
  6. Any player, coach, or spectator who is guilty of striking an official in any manner on City property before, during, or after a game, will automatically be suspended indefinitely from participating in all leagues sponsored by Backyard Sports Club.
  7. Abuse of any kind (physical, verbal or otherwise) towards officials by anyone will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.
  1. Coaches will be held responsible for their teams, therefore please notify all members of your team and their followers of this rule. Please keep our beach free of cans and bottles. Violations will result in a one game team forfeiture and one game suspension of individuals. Repeated violations will result in team expulsion from the league.
  1. Players participating in the league should have accident insurance coverage. This is your responsibility.
  2. It is to be understood that Backyard Sports Club will not be held liable for injuries sustained by any person or group participating in our program while they are playing, practicing or traveling to and from games or practices.
  1. There will be a second coin toss.  The winner of the toss gets to choose offense or defense first.
  2. Each team will get four chances to score from the 20 yard line unless the defense scores, or intercepts a pass or fumble, in which case they would take over on offense and attempt to score to win the game.
  3. Teams will alternate possessions upon a tie after one overtime period (i.e., team A has first possession then team B.  If still tied B would get first possession in 2nd overtime).
  4. After two overtime possessions with no winner.  Each team will start from the 10 yard line and be force to go for two points after each touchdown.