Wiffleball Rulebook

Wiffleball Rule Book


  1. Maximum number of 20 players allowed on a team roster.  All players must be listed on the roster and acknowledge upon registration the Terms & Conditions to participate.
  2. Players must be at least 21 years of age at the start of the season.
  3. Players can only be on one roster per league.
  4. Players may be added at any time until the start of the first game of the season.
  5. A team must have at least 6 players and no more than 10 players on the field at one time.  Six(6) male/females is the maximum number of players per inning, unless there is an all-woman team.
  6. If a team has only 3 female/male players playing they will take an automatic out anywhere in the batting lineup.  
  7. If there are only 2 male/female players playing they will take an automatic two out anywhere in the batting lineup.
  8. If there is only one female/male, the team will take a forfeit.  The only exception to the rule is an all-woman team.
  9. If both teams are missing the same amount of  male/female players. Both teams can agree to cancel the automatic outs.
  10. A late arriving player may be inserted into the bottom of the order, at any time during the game.  A late player may immediately enter the field on defense.


  1. The commissioner will provide each team with T-shirts for all teams.  All players should wear their team shirts for each game.
  2. Players may add their name, number, and other similar personal information to their T-shirt.  Player additions may not cover the BYSC or Sponsor logo.
  3. Players may not add any corporate information to their T-shirt, including website addresses and company names.  Players may not include any offensive material on their T-shirt. The commissioners have the exclusive right to determine whether additions are offensive.

Start of the Game

  1. Each captain is to provide the opposing team a batting order prior to the start of the game.
  2. Home team will be determined by RPS or coin flip.  Home team takes the field first. It is up to the winning team to choose between home or away team.
  3. The umpire will meet with both the captains to review the ground rules prior to the start of the game.
  4. Three warm up pitches are allowed between innings.

The Clock

  1. Time limit will be 50 minutes a game.
  2. There will be a 15 minute grace period for each team that does not meet the minimum roster requirements only for the first set of games. This will count towards the 50 minute time limit.
  3. Games will be played to 7 innings.
  4. If time expires in the middle of an inning, the inning will be played out. (see tournament rules)
  5. If after the 4th inning, a team up by 20+ points. (Mercy Rule)


  1. If any team does not have the minimum number of players (at least 2 male/female players, and a total of 6 on the field) to start the game, that team must take a paper forfeit.
  2. A team must have at least 2 male/female on the field.


  1. Games must be officiated by at least one authorized BYSC umpire, the Head Umpire.  When available at least two officials will umpire each game; a head umpire and a first base umpire.
  2. The head umpire governs all game play and issues all final rulings.
  3. Only captains may dispute a call.
  4. Umpires have jurisdiction over play and may:
    1. Call a Timeout
    2. Call a game due to darkness, rain, or lightning
    3. Penalize a player, including game ejection, for any reason.  This includes, but is not limited to, unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, delay of game, or excessive verbal abuse

Inclement Weather

  1. BYSC may at its option, shorten the regular season and/or the playoff schedule (and the number of teams that make the playoffs) as cancelation due to weather.  NO REFUNDS.
  2. BYSC has the right to reschedule rain out games on days other than regularly scheduled games.
  3. If games are to be cancelled, the commissioner of the league will notify players via Facebook, e-mails, or text messages to all captains.


  1. Fielders may freely rotate from one position to another.
  2. Fielders must try and stay out of the baseline.
  3. Fielders trying to make an out of the base may have their foot on base, but must lean out of the baseline to avoid contact with the runner.
  4. Runners hindered by any fielder within the baseline shall be safe at the base to which they were running.  The only exception is when a play being made by the fielder.
  5. If a fielder makes a play at first base by tagging the safety base, the runner is safe.
  6. No Infield Fly Rule.
  7. Pegging is allowed.  If there is contact to the head or face.  The runner will be awarded the base. If player falls into the base and ball hits the head or face, the player is OUT. 
  8. To tag a runner out at home plate, the catcher must tag the home plate for a force out or the runner must be tagged with the ball prior to touching home plate.
  9. A ball that hits the pitcher will be considered a foul ball.


  1. Every registered player, present at the game who is on the roster must bat, unless injured.
  2. Team must bat in order. Batting out of turn will be an automatic OUT.
  3. Team pitches to themselves; 3 pitches for males, and 5 pitches to females.  3 strikes is an out.
  4. Bunting is not allowed.
  5. No Walks.
  6. No stealing, runners must wait for the ball to be hit before leaving the base.
  7. No sliding; any players sliding will be an automatic OUT.  Refs will determine if sliding has occurred or if the player just fell.  A fall is not considered a out.
  8. Tagging up is allowed.  Runners can leave the base once the fielder has touched the ball in fair territory.  If the ball is caught in foul territory the base runner is allowed to tag up.
  9. Runners must stay within the base line.
  10. Runners cannot overrun any base except for first base.
  11. An injured player may receive a pinch runner after he/she reaches first base.  The last player out of the same sex becomes the pinch runner.
  12. If the last pitch for either male/female hits the pitcher.  The batter is allowed another pitch.

The Call

  1. A foul ball occurs when:
    1. A hit ball lands in foul territory or touches a fielder in foul territory
    2. A hit ball lands in fair territory, but rolls into foul territory before reaching 1st or 3rd base
    3. If a ball hits the pitcher
    4. If the ball is hit and lands on home plate
  2. An out occurs when:
    1. The count reaches 3 strikes
    2. A player is touched by the ball at any point while not on base
    3. A leading runner who is on the same base with another runner is tagged by the ball
    4. A hit ball, foul or fair, is caught in the air
    5. A fielder tags a base to which a runner is forced to run
    6. A runner is off the base when the ball is hit (no stealing)
    7. A player slides into a base
    8. A foul tip backwards that is caught above the batters head
    9. A runner tags first base instead of the safety base (located on the outside of first base) when the first baseman is trying to make a play
  3. If a female has 2 strikes and hits the ball foul for her 3rd  and 4th pitch, she still has one last pitch. She is out if she foul tip her 5th pitch.
  4. On an overthrown ball that goes out of the field of play; a player is allowed to advance to only one base.  The advancement is not an automatic base and runners can still be tagged out. If the ball is overthrown again the runner is allowed to advance to the next base  but still can be tagged out.
  5. A ball that is hit over the home run fence in the outfield will be an automatic home run.
  6. A ball that hits an object past the home run fence will be considered a home run; even if the ball lands back in the field of play.
  7. If there is no fence (lines/cones will be used), a ball hit over the HR line is a home run.
    1. If ball is caught over the HR line, it is a home run.
    2. Player may catch the ball in field and fall beyond HR line/cones for an OUT.
    3. Player can jump in field, catch ball mid-air and land out of bounds for an OUT.

Team Standings

  1. Points will be awarded  to teams as follows:
    1. Win=1.0
    2. Tie=0.5
    3. Lose=0
  2. During the regular season, there will be no overtime to break ties

Tournament Rules

  1. The commissioners will determine the number of teams making the playoffs.  The computerized playoff wizard will break regular season record ties.
  2. Single Seeded Elimination: Seeding will be determined by:
    1. Points
    2. Head-to-Head
    3. Runs Against
  3. Games will be 7 innings.
  4. There is no overtime in pool play.