Sand Volleyball Rulebook

Sand Volleyball Rulebook

Coed – Males and Females can play, but no more than 50% of the active participants can be males at any one time.   A FEMALE must touch the ball at least once, if two or more contacts occur on one side of the net. If only one contact occurs, it can be made by either a MALE or a FEMALE. A team can be made up of entirely female players if the league allows it.

4’s – Four person teams, and there is no “back row”. All Players can hit from the front row. Must have at least THREE players to be eligible to play a game. A maximum of TWO male players and a minimum of One female player is required to participate.

  1. Matches will consist of 2 games to 21 points, (points may be adjusted as season goes on due to lighting) RALLY SCORING (must win by 2) with NO cap (teams switch sides of the court every SEVEN points). If games are running behind, the amount of games or the length of games may be adjusted by the on-site league director
  2. Three matches are scheduled each night on each court. Byes may have been necessary due to an odd amount of teams in each league. If you notice a scheduling problem, contact our office ASAP.
  3. Due to time constraints, Matches will be started and finished at a specific time to ensure everyone plays. They are as follows

6:00 P.M – 6:40 P.M.

6:45P.M – 7:25 P.M.

7:30 P.M – 8:10 P.M.

  1. All teams/refs are responsible for starting and ending matches on time.
  2. The referee team of the first match must be there to ref even if they do not play first.
  3. The first match is to start no later than 6:00 PM. Teams arriving late will lose one point per minute up until 6:15PM. For second and third matches, a similar rule will apply with teams losing points up until the 15-minute limit. At that time, the entire match will be forfeited. The 2nd and 3rd matches will start ASAP (within 5 minutes) following the finish of the previous matches. It is very important that matches get started on time and warm up time is kept to a minimum.
  4. On each net, the work team for the last match is responsible for returning the clip board/score sheet to the Field Manager. If the work team for the last match DOES NOT turn these items in to the Field Manager when play is over for the night, they will forfeit all of their games for the night.
  5. All players are encouraged to make honor calls. Work teams are not able to see all nets and rule infractions. Honor calls cannot be made in your own favor.
  6. One 30-second timeout per team, per game are permitted.
  7. Failure to provide a referee on time will result in the forfeiture of all games that night. Certification is not required for referees.
  8. Protests must be lodged immediately to the representative regarding rules, illegal players or other infractions. Protests may not be filed after the date of play.
  9. A serve may not be blocked or attacked above the height of the net.
  10. If the server releases the ball for service and does not complete the service, the team will be penalized with a side-out.

COED 4’s:

  1. A team may play with a minimum of 3 players (a minimum of 1 female and 1 male), but the “ghost rule” will apply. When the missing player comes around to serve, it will be a side out and point.
  2. No more than 2 men on the court at one time.
  3. If the ball is contacted more than one time, a female must touch the ball. The block does not count as a hit.
  4. Open hand dinks (finger action) ARE NOT allowed. The ball must be struck cleanly with the palm, arm or hand when attacking the opponent’s’ court.
  5. Players may line up anywhere on the court, it is not possible to be out of rotation. Any player regardless of positioning may attempt an attack or block. Teams must follow a serving order.
  6. Substitutes ARE permitted during a game as long as the sub is on the team roster.