Volleyball Rulebook

Volleyball Rule Book



  1. Minimum number of 6 and a maximum of 10 players allowed on a team roster.  All players must be listed on the roster and acknowledge upon registration the Terms & Conditions to participate.
  2. Players can only be on one roster per league.
  3. Players may be added at any time until the final T-shirt order.
  4. A team may have no more that 6 players on the field at  one time. A team must have at least one male/female on the court and a minimum of 4 players on the court to avoid a forfeit.


  1. The commissioner will provide each team with T-shirts for its roster.  All players must wear their team shirts for each game.
  2. Players may add their names, number, and other similar personal information to their T-shirt.  Player additions may not cover the BYSC or sponsor logo.
  3. Players may not add any corporate information to their T-shirt, including website addresses and company names.  Players may not include any offensive material on their T-shirts. THe commissioner has the exclusive right to determine whether additions are offensive.  


BYSC will provide equipment.


  1. Each game will consist of 3 sets.
  2. All games have a 55 minute time limit.


There will be a 10 minute grace period after each set , before a forfeit is issued.    At the 30 minute mark the team will be issued the 2nd forfeit.

Start of the Game

  1. Officials will perform a coin toss with the captains to determine the serve /side for the start of the 1st set.
  2. If a player shows up late, that player may be inserted in the game at the next  dead ball.


  1. Rally Scoring.
  2. 1 game is equal 3 sets.  All 3 sets will be played.
  3. 1st and 2nd set is played to 25 points (win by 2).  3rd set is played to the first team to 21.


  1. A player must not touch the net while the ball is in play.
  2. A player may not play the ball twice in succession, unless there is simultaneous contact by two players (a player may hit the ball on the first and third hit).
  3. The ball may be played a maximum of 3 times by each team (excluding a block), before it is returned over the net.
  4. A ball contacting the boundary line is considered in the court of play.
  5. A player may run outside of his/her own court to play a ball.
  6. The ball must pass inside the net antennas as it crosses the net to be legal.
  7. Players may step on, but not completely over the centerline during play.
  8. A female must touch the ball at least once before the ball goes over the fence.  The only exception is when the ball is hit over the net on the first hit.


  1. The service results in a side-out when the server.
    1. Does not take the proper position before serving or is the wrong server.
    2. Commits a foot fault.
    3. Hits the ball into the net.
    4. Hits the ball so it crosses outside of het net antennas as it passes over the net.
    5. Hits the ball into any post or overhead structure.
    6. Serves before the officials whistles play to begin.


  1. A game is won by either team when
    1. First team scores 25 points with a 2 point advantage.  A tie at 24-24 calls for additional play until one team succeeds in gaining a 2 point advantage.
    2. 3rd set is played until the first team that reaches 21points.


  1. Matches are played to 55 minute time limit.
  2. Timeout are 1 minute.
  3. 1 timeout per set.
  4. Timeout for injury.

Contacting the Ball

  1. The ball must be contacted cleanly (not caught or held).
  2. A player can’t make successive contact of the ball.
  3. If two opposing players contact the ball simultaneously directly above the net, either player may play the ball again on the next hit.
  4. The ball is dead if it crosses the net outside the net antennas, touches the ceiling, posts holding the net or lands out of bounds.
  5. A return may be played in any direction and the player may use any part of his/her body.
  6. Back row hitters can attack a ball from behind the attack line.  If they leave the ground from behind the attack line and land over it during an attack that is also considered acceptable.

Team Standings

  1. Points will be awarded to teams as follows:
    1. Win=1
    2. Tie=0.5
    3. Lose=0
  2. The commissioner will determine the number of teams making the playoff.  The computerized playoff wizard will break regular season record ties. Playoff games will start immediately after the end of the regular season.