Skeeball Rulebook


  1. Minimum of 6 rollers, and a Maximum of 12 rollers on a roster. All players must be listed on the roster and acknowledge upon registration the Terms & Conditions to participate.
  2. Players must be at least 21 years of age at the start of the season.
  3. Players can only be on one roster per league
  4. Players may be added at any time during the season


  1. BYSC will provide each team with team BYSC shirts a color of their choosing. All players should wear their shirts for each game.
  2. Players may add their name, number, and other similar personal information to their T-shirt. Player’s additions may not cover the BYSC logo.

Start of the Game

  1. A match will consist of two teams playing a best of Nine (9) series (the first team to win 5 games wins the match).  Teams will roll at the same time.
  2. Groups must have at least 6 rollers on their roster to be elevated to Team status, however, the league reserves the right to place free agent rollers on teams with fewer than 12 rollers.
  3. Each team must have a minimum of 3 rollers per game.
  4. Teams will roll on the same lane throughout the match. If teams wish to choose their lane prior to the start of a match Captains or a designated player will play Rock Paper Scissors (best of one) for the choice of lane.
  5. Every ball must be rolled while standing with both feet on the ground and located behind the machines (i.e., no rolling from the side of the lane) Violating this rule will result in a score of zero for balls rolled during the infraction.
  6. Any shot thrown while observing the previous rules and counted by the machine (including Bank shots) are permitted.
  7. Balls that fail to enter the scoring zone and roll or otherwise return to the thrower are able to be re-thrown.


  1. Skeeball scores presented on the machines screen will be divided by 10 (the zero dropped) to simplify scoring.

Scoring or Machine Malfunctions

Players are advised that the league plays on a variety ages, models, and styles, of machines and that scoring errors, are an inescapable aspect of the game. When a scoring error is made it is the responsibility of the witnessing party to IMMEDIATELY bring the scoring error to the attention of the other team and host. If both captains are able to agree upon the alternation of the score to fix the machine error the game may continue. If captains are unable to agree then the host will make a judgment ruling given the testimony of the captains and their personal knowledge of the machines. The ruling will be in the form of a score alteration and will be considered FINAL. Scoring errors do NOT result in rerolls or voids of frames.

Inclement Weather

  1. BYSC may at its option, shorten the regular season and/or the playoff schedule (and the number of teams that make the playoffs) as cancelation due to weather.  NO REFUNDS.
  2. BYSC has the right to reschedule rain out games on days other than regularly scheduled games.
  3. If games are to be cancelled, the commissioner of the league will notify players via Facebook, e-mails, or text messages to all captains.

Team Standings

  1. Points will be awarded  to teams as follows:
    1. Win=1.0
    2. Tie=0.5
    3. Lose=0

Tournament Rules

  1. The commissioners will determine the number of teams making the playoffs.  The computerized playoff wizard will break regular season record ties.
  2. Single Seeded Elimination: Seeding will be determined by:
    1. Points
    2. Head-to-Head
    3. Total Score
  3. Single-Elimination