Sand Soccer Rulebook




All decisions of the referee are final and binding. Backyard Sports League and Beach Soccer VB reserves the right to decide on all matters relative to the league and all decisions are final. NO PROTESTS ARE ALLOWED.


In the event of inclement weather Backyard Sports League and Beach Soccer VB may reschedule a game, change division structure, reduce game duration, or cancel a game.




  • Players will register as individuals. Team organization is permitted. If you desire to organize a team, please email
  • All teams shall be allowed a maximum of 10 players on their roster, except the U08, U09 & U10 Boys and Girls, and U.S. Open Divisions. These divisions are allowed a maximum of 12 players on their roster.
  • All Coed Division teams shall include a minimum of 3 female players on their roster, 2 of which should be on the field during play (see Laws of the Game section
  • 4.1 for more information).
  • Players must be listed on the roster at registration check-in to be eligible to play; 
  • Females may play in male divisions, but males cannot play in female divisions.
  • Youth division age groups are based on US Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix for 2021-2022- Found here: Birth Year Matrix 
  • Youth Only: Players may play UP in age group, but no team can include a player playing DOWN in age. Teams in all divisions must enter the division for the oldest player on their team.
  • Guest players are permitted. Criteria for eligible guest players: 1) must be a registered player on a current team in active league season OR 2) register and pay guest player fee of $15.00 per game guest playing. 


All teams in youth divisions are required to have an adult (over 25), registered as a coach with the league, on their team sideline. A team that does not have an adult on their sideline at the scheduled start time shall forfeit the game. The team forfeiting shall be declared the loser by a score of 4 goals to no (4-0).


General Match Play Rules 



  • Before the match   
  • Between the 2nd and 3rd periods 
  • Prior to kicks from the penalty mark 



  • Three 12-minute periods 
  • Two minutes between each period 



  • Same procedures as soccer with the following exceptions: 

Opponents must be at least 5m from the ball until it is in play 

A goal cannot be scored directly from the kick-off 

A sand mound may be built with the feet or the ball  

Each team must have and maintain a minimum of 3 players 



  • A direct freekick is awarded for every foul
  • Fouled player must take the shot (unless they are injured)


  • No offsides

No walls (blocking freekicks)

No footwear

Throw-ins can be taken with hands or feet


League  Standings

WIN – 3 PTS Win in Extra Time – 2 PTS Win on Penalties – 1 PTS LOSS – 0 PTS


Total points ties will be resolved by the following tie- breakers, in order:

  1. Head-to-Head of two teams tied (disregard if more than two teams tied).
  2. Team with highest goal differential per game – total of the net score for each tournament game up to a maximum differential of 4 goals per game, with either positive or negative result (total goals scored minus total goals scored against in each game).
  3. Least goals allowed.
  4. Total goals scored (up to maximum of 8 per game).
  5. If still tied, both teams will proceed to Field Marshal to determine the winner by penalty kicks (see format below).


League Overtime


Ties in league games will be resolved in the following manner:

  1. One 3-minute “golden goal” overtime-period. The winner shall be the first team to score a goal. If the score is tied at the end of the period, the teams shall take kicks from the penalty mark.
  2. Kick from the Penalty Mark. The first round consists of 5 players from each team. Any eligible player on the team roster may participate. A minimum of 2 female players must kick in the first round of all Coed divisions. If tied after the first round, kicks shall be taken one for one. Players cannot repeat until all eligible players have kicked. A team with a greater number of players than their opponent will ‘reduce to equate’ to use the same number of eligible kickers.



Any team found to have played with an ineligible player (not on roster, ineligible guest player, red carded player, etc) or violating any registration criteria shall have their games subject to forfeiture and not be eligible for any playoffs unless specifically authorized by Backyard Sports League and Beach Soccer VB under unique circumstances. The team forfeiting shall be declared the loser by a score of 4 goals to none (4 – 0).



FIFA Laws of the Game 


Backyard Sports League and Beach Soccer VB will be following the using the 2021-2022 FIFA Beach Soccer laws. 



For consolidated rules video: