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Billiards Cut Throat Rulebook


Pool Table & Cue Stick & BYSC Team Shirt.


Each team must have a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 6 players.

Regulation Game

One pool game is played with three (3) people.  One person from each team will be assigned five balls to protect (1 through 5, 6 through 10, or 11 through 15).  The objective of the game is to pocket your opponents’ balls.  The last person with one or more balls remaining on the table wins the game.  The ball groups will be assigned before play begins, once the ball assignment is assigned that team will have that ball group for the entire night.  Any ball can be pocketed (even one from your group) to continue your inning. If a player scratches, and a ball is made that ball will remain off the table and the next the next player with ball-in-hand.

If you make one, you keep shooting until you create a foul, scratch, or make an illegal shot.

When all of a player’s balls have been pocketed, the player is eliminated.

Three (3) teams will be assigned to a table for 1 hour game play.  They will play as many as games as possible within the 55 minute time limit.  Teams will keep track of how many total wins for the 55minute time limit on the assigned table.  


A conventional triangle rack and the 1-ball at the top of the triangle, with the 6 and 11 balls at either corner. The rest of the balls’ positioning isn’t crucial. It’s critical to position the rack so that one ball rests on top of the foot location once it’s completed. 

The cue ball will, of course, be put behind the head string. The head string is an imagined line generated when players stare at the diamonds on the side of billiards tables. It is not a literal line that rests on the table. It’s fine to break as long as the cue ball is placed below the diamond closest to the table’s center.


If the first player fails to complete an ‘open break,’ the following player can request a re-rack and try again. 



Cutthroat fouls are very similar to fouls in any other pool game. You are considered to make a foul when:

  • Hitting the cue ball off the table
  • Double hitting the cue ball 
  • Push the balls rather than striking 
  • Any movement made with the end of the cue stick or the player’s hands to the cue ball or the object balls.
  • All illegal jump shots, including scoop shots and any other variations listed in the pocket billiards bylaws.

If a player commits a foul during their turn and their shot is declared to be an illegal shot, the ball will be returned to its original spot, and the player will forfeit their turn. If that player also made their own ball in by mistake on that turn, their ball will stay in the pocket and they will still lose their turn.


When a player accidentally pockets the cue ball, this is called scratches. This “scratch” term comes from the early days of Pool when the punishment for doing so was a point being scratched off from the players’ score. When a player scratch; they forfeit their turn and next player with ball in hand. 



Points will be awarded to teams as follows:

First team with most wins receives = 3 Point

Second team with second most points receives = 1 Point

Third team with least amount of points receives = 0 Points

If teams are Tied, then they will split the points (1st and 2nd = 2 points each; 2nd and 3rd = 0.5 points)


Tournament Rules

The commissioners will determine the number of teams making the playoffs.

  • Total Points 
  • Head-to-Head

Teams will be seeded accordingly to a table.  The team to advance will be the first team with 3 wins.